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We are so grateful for your support!

Sponsorship Form

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Terms & Conditions

1. All services of the company uphold strong values of equality, diversity and inclusion, are LGBTQ+ affirmative and trans-inclusive. This will always be at the centre of our decision processes. By donating or hiring from us, you hereby agree to these core values.


2. If you have chosen the Arts Wellbeing Advocate & Patron donation tiers, you may donate space hire for one of our The Body Hotel partners. We will agree on a percentage of your donation to be used towards space hire, so that our partner organisations, who are mostly made up of community based groups from marginalised communities, can use the space in-kind. We will notify you of the community organisation you are sponsoring, so that you can keep in touch with their efforts if you wish.


3, Pre-hire spaces are conditional upon the acquiring of the premises. If the premises are not acquired by the end of our tax year (November 2023), we will return the money of the pre-hire. The money will be held in a separate account and will not be used for company day-to-day operations or other costs unrelated to the space.


4. For space rental, we have set up competitive rates according to market research and the capacity of the space. Our pre-buy sponsors can enjoy lots of perks and be the first to support the centre and contribute to its service provision. The current plan for the space will be to have opening times be 9:00-12:30h and 13:30-17:00h Monday-Friday, and Saturdays 10am-3pm. Renters can get in at 8:30am to set up their space. Please get in touch if you require an evening slot as these will be allocated on an as-needed basis.



5. Visual Art Spaces: We will have two spaces available for art therapy available (See Table Below for Comparison). This pre-hire entitles you to hire the art therapy studio for one day a week for 50 weeks. Regular costs per year are: (£125/day, £16.66/hour for 50 weeks (the space would be closed for 2 weeks in December), for a 7.5 hour-day: £6250. With a pre-hire pledge, booking full days entails a very competitive discounted rate of £100/day, £13.33/hour, versus current market rate of £25-£50/hour. 20% discount is offered only for pre-buy options per year and must be pre-booked. Spaces are perfect for individual sessions/couples therapy and measure approximately 10.7 square meters (115 sq ft) & 8.6 sq m square meters (93 sq ft). Spaces have high ceilings and natural light.


6. Drama/Dance Studio Space: 1 day per week dance/drama therapy studio hire. Yearly calculation: £150/day, 50 weeks (the space would be closed for 2 weeks in December): £7500. Booking full days entails a very competitive discounted rate of £20/hour, versus current market rate of £25-£50/hour. 20% discount is offered for pre-buy options per year and must be pre-booked. Space has a polygon shape and measures around 40 sq meters / 430 sq ft with a sprung floor. Spaces have high ceilings and natural light.


7. Unfortunately, due to storage limitations and music sound insulation needs, we will not be able to offer weekly music therapy sessions. However, we will be able to offer monthly music three hour workshops in the dance/drama studio. Regular costing is: £75 half day rate x 12 months = £900. With a 20% discount, this comes up to £720 a year.


 8. Please note that the regular booking rates may change, but we will notify you with 60 days in advance if that is the case.


 9. We would love for you to experience The Body Hotel Workshops and the community events we offer. These will vary per year as they are dependent on funding and availability of the space. When these events come up, we will offer you the chance to redeem your complimentary tickets.   Please be mindful that not all the workshops we offer will be eligible, as some of these are for commissioned projects and we might not be able to open these up outside of the organisations who hired us.


 10. Pay-it-forward means that you can donate your ticket to someone or an organisation out of the partners and clients we work with who can’t afford private services. If you are a donor in the Trendsetter tier, we will use these donations to cover the space costs first. Once we have our space and are up and running, we will create a ‘donations pot’ for sessions. There will be an easy and accessible process to allocate these funds to those that need it.


11. Pre-hire of the space will be subject to a hire contract when premises are acquired.

12. The Body Hotel LTD reserves the right to refuse sponsorship / pre-buy of rental hire.


13. We reserve the right to modify these terms from time to time at our sole discretion. Therefore, you should review these page periodically. When we change the Terms in a material manner, we will notify you that material changes have been made to the Terms. 

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