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The Body Concierge

The Body Concierge is our wellbeing webseries, giving you practical tips on how to look after yourself from home in easy, accessible ways. We release a new episode every other Wednesday, so make sure you subscribe to our Youtube Channel to never miss an episode!

Earlier Crowd Favourites:


Saying 'No' in Movement

Is it okay to say ‘No’? Is it rude? What happens in our body when ‘No’ is necessary? Tune in for a short chat about how we can say no with our body in a constructive way.


Trusting and Shifting with Guest DMT, Carly Marchant-Smith

A very special #BodyConcierge filmed in Bath, with dance movement psychotherapist and specialist in autism Carly Marchant, sharing a bit about her doctoral work and an intervention she uses which focuses on building trust with oneself and our body. Try this at home!


Body Armour

Self-protection and resilience when we need a bit of ‘oomph’ when facing a tough situation.



Do you initiate? Too little? Too much? Is it mutual? How much do we involve our body in this process!


Ending our Work Day

Two simple tips for disconnecting after a busy work day, especially for us who always feel like we are working all the time or need to tell our colleagues we need to take a break!


Tracing Boundaries

A simple visual-movement task to reinforce our sense of personal boundaries.


Objects Creating Meaning

How can we release tension building up when we are working from home? Can every day objects help us do this? Episode 9 touches upon a recent conference panel on touch, with ideas about resistance, feedback and tension!

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