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The Body Hotel wouldn't be here without our participants who come from all four corners of the world and from a wide variety of different backgrounds and careers! Here's what they have to say about our work.

Sanj Mahapatra, Mental Health Programme Manager HEIW

'I was amazed that it could work so well digitally as well. I know it's difficult to do it in these circumstances but it was brilliant. It worked perfectly, you enabled it brilliantly as well through digital, we had just as much fun. You've just got that feeling of joy and connectedness that you don't get being stuck at home at the moment in lockdown. If that's the feeling I can get from doing your workshop from home then I'd love to be there in person!'

Dr Leah Salter, Family & Systemic Therapist, Cwm Taff Morgannwg UHB

'I really valued the session, it was exciting, it was innovative, but it was also deeply reflective in an embodied way. Being able to explore what's been going on for myself and my practice in embodied ways, through dance, through movement, through moving with objects, through exploring my own bodily responses was just a really helpful exercise and enabled me to reflect in different ways about the kind of year that we've all been through.'

Previous Participant,

HEIW Staff Taster

"It was great to work in a group and lose all inhibition. The session was led brilliantly for us to explore feelings and boost positivity and wellbeing."

Mhairi Allan, NHS Grampian Bank Nurse

‘The workshops were a safe and non-judgmental time to reconnect with my physical body and senses. These workshops were also fun, creative, and accessible and I recall always left the sessions feeling very positive and uplifted. Thania provided a safe, supportive and positive space to explore our creativity, through simple and effective exercises. Each workshop was carefully planned and thought through and Thania ensured each participant felt included and supported.’

Daniela Mahapatra, Deputy Director NHS

‘Wow! What an amazing session with The Body Hotel. I haven’t stopped smiling! Dance breaks will be mandatory with immediate effect.”

Eva Papastergiou, Student

“Wow!” – That’s what I said out loud to myself when the workshop was finished. During this online workshop I was able to come together and connect with strangers, feel safe enough to share moments and movement, observe and learn from others, and finally transition from feeling tired to filled with creative power.”

Launch Workshop Participant, University of South Wales

‘A really inclusive, diverse and connective community and workshop. 3 hours just flew by! Thank you so much for an amazing day!’

Jeni Brown, Independent DMT

(Participating from Norway)

‘Thania is a natural and wonderful facilitator. Her style combines confidence and authenticity in a way which makes people feel safe, not intimidated to try something new, and gives space for self-exploration. This felt more self-driven, self-exploration and healing than psychoeducation. It was great to see you and I am so happy that The Body Hotel is growing so beautifully!’

Previous Workshop Participant

‘The Body Hotel has been a great experience for me. I was hesitant to sign up at first because it was so different from anything I had tried before. I was very nervous about how much we would have to share our feelings [...]. Thania made me feel comfortable and my worries were soon out of the window.’

Previous Participant,

Youth Worker

‘I've found the amount my movement tells the story of how I am feeling and how I am processing issues to be surprising, and very therapeutic. Taking part in the Body Hotel has opened up a whole new area of interest to me, and I have no doubt this will be very useful in my professional as well as my personal life. I would like to send all the troubled young people I work with on a course like this!’

Previous Participant,

NHS Bank Nurse

"My work as a Bank Nurse often leaves me physically and mentally exhausted with very little energy or mental space. The Body Hotel workshops were invaluable for me to find specific time and space to concentrate on myself."

Previous Workshop Participant

‘The Body Hotel has given me a space to focus entirely on myself. My job means that I often arrive at the monthly sessions stressed out and exhausted. The exercises we have done have given me the opportunity to express myself in a safe space without being judged. Because it is all about movement I haven't had to share anything verbally and it has given me ways to process information and deal with issues that I have by moving through it. I have left every session feeling so much better.’

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